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you can't run from it, no matter how hard you try


diffugere nives, redeunt iam gramina campis arboribusque comae, mutat terra vices et decrescentia ripas flumina praetereunt, Gratia cum Nymphis geminisque sororibus audet ducere nuda choros. immortalia ne speres, monet annus et almum quae rapit hora diem. frigora mitescunt Zephyris, ver proterit aetas interitura, simul pomifer autumnus fruges effuderit, et mox bruma reccurit iners. damna tamen celeres reparant caelestia lunae: nos ubi decidimus, quo pater Aeneas, quo Tullus dives et Ancus, pulvis et umbra sumus.
the snows have fled, now the grasses return to the field and leaves to the trees, land passes through a cycle of changes and decreasing rivers surpass their shores. the Grace, with Nymphs and her twin sisters, dares to head the chorus, her naked. the year warns you not to hope for immortal things and the hours, which snatches away the nurturing day. the chills become mild, because of the zephyrs, summer, going to die, tramples on spring. as soon as the fruit-bearing autumn will have poured out crops and soon sluggish winter runs back. however the swift moons recover their celestial losses:
when we fall down, where father Aeneas, where wealthy Tullus and Ancus, we are dust and shadow. who knows, whether the high gods will add tomorrow's times to the sum of today? all things will flee teh greedy hands of an heir, which you will have given to one's own person. when once and for all you will have died, and minos will have made splendid judgments, not your race, not your eloquence, not your devotion will revive you: for neither does Diana free chaste Hippolytus from internal darkness, nor is Theseus strong enough to break the Lenthean chains from dear Piritous. quintus horatius flaccus, ode 4.7

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