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31st-Dec-2012 12:00 am - friends only
naoto 2


Comment to be added! I have to know you from somewhere, though.
And there's nothing special on this LJ, anyway. xDD
21st-Nov-2008 10:46 pm - wave of unhappiness ;3;
what we want
In light of akihito 's very happy post, I present you with this poorly written rant. 8/

what a wonderful day to rememberCollapse )

12th-Oct-2008 10:19 pm - within a dream - oo1 ;; opening
senko no ronde

My forum is finally open! Well, it's been open for quite a while, but...I "forgot" about it (AKA the window with my site in it closing randomly) and became a global moderator at VKF. I'm so proud of that honor, and in the excitement and deleting frenzy, neglected to even check my own forum. *gasps*

Some of the staff who were added centuries ago disappeared (you know who you are), and as far as now is concerned, one mod position is open. The current staff (including the disappeared members) number at 8 (there will be a max of nine). If any of the current staff wants to resign, please do so here. I by no means require you to keep your positions or remain persistently active. It is your choice whether or not you wish to stay.

I would really appreciate it if you joined! I'm not demanding for anyone to join, but I will say that the graphics are pretty. :D

LINK: within a dream // the f l i p - s i d e

>////////< Umm...PLEASE JOIN? Though it's based primarily upon the series Nabari no Ou, fans from pretty much any series are welcome. Rule enforcement is more lenient than VKF (because I, too, am a spammer at heart *mauled by VKF staff*). So, yes, Erica, we CAN post in all caps! XD Bad English depends on where. FCs are hopefully going to run rampant with idiotic things like "the pretzel" (HECK YES).

I want to give a BIG BIG hug (and lots of love) to roseille who helped me in so many ways with the forum. Give her your best wishes about her computer!

I love you all! <3 Hope to see you either here at LJ, at VKF, at GW or at Within a Dream!</lj>
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